Having trouble logging in?

Check Instagram account configuration

First, make sure your Instagram account is configured correctly.

If you confirmed that your Instagram account is configured correctly and you're still having login issues, then it may be related to permissions.

Remember: Confirm your Instagram account is still connected to a Facebook page.

Review required permissions

By default, POPSMASH requests the permissions it needs at first login. If these are modified or incorrectly set, you may see an image like this:

login permissions error message

If you're seeing a message similar to the above, then updating your permissions may fix the issue. To update your permissions try logging into POPSMASH again and select Edit Settings on the Facebook permissions screen:

Next, make sure the Instagram account(s) you want to use is selected:

Next, ensure the Facebook page associated with your Instagram account is selected:

Lastly, ensure POPSMASH has the permissions it needs:

That's it! If you follow the above instructions you should now be able to log into POPSMASH. If you still have trouble please contact our support team with the messenger in the bottom right corner of this page.

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