Giveaways can end in three ways:

  • Complete: You end the giveaway by selecting a winner. This is the most common way to end a giveaway.

  • Cancel: You manually cancel the giveaway. No winner will be selected.

  • Expire: Your giveaway expires because you did not select a winner and the giveaway expiration time was reached. No winner will be selected. This generally only happens when users forget they started a giveaway.

Completing a giveaway and selecting a winner

When you're ready to end your giveaway go to your POPSMASH giveaway page and tap Pick Winner.

Canceling a giveaway

If you need to end a giveaway without selecting a winner, you can cancel your giveaway at any time. Cancel a giveaway by tapping the Cancel this giveaway button on the giveaway settings page as shown below.

Giveaway expiration

Giveaways automatically expire after 30 days (30 days is the maximum giveaway time) if you do not cancel or end a giveaway by selecting a winner. When a giveaway expires it will automatically become inactive without selecting a winner.

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