One of the biggest challenges with Instagram giveaways is ensuring entries and bonus entries are always counted fairly. This is so complicated because entry rules vary, and followers aren't always great at following entry directions.

Since comments and tags (tagging other users) are so common we've put a lot of time into accurately counting them. No matter how comments or tags are entered, you can be sure that we'll count them. Some examples of what we can accurately track:

  • Comments entered before or after you import your giveaway. If you have a lot of comments when you import it make take us some time to catch up, but we'll make sure they get counted.

  • Tags (tagging other users in comments, often for bonus entries) are also something we count. Whether multiple tags are in the same comment or spread across multiple comments we'll count them all.

We work hard to make sure that our tag and comment tracking works well to help you run fair and effective giveaways. If you ever have any questions or issues with comments or tags, just reach out to us via the in-app messenger.

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