What's a campaign?

A campaign it’s what’s created in POPSMASH to track/collect/verify entries, validated email addresses, etc.

How do campaigns work?

You start by creating a campaign in POPSMASH, then you post on Instagram. E.g., an Instagram giveaway post with rules like:

  • Follow me

  • Tag 2 friends in the comments

  • Subscribe to our newsletter at the link in bio for 10 bonus entries

Instagram users are incentivized to enter to win the prize. Instagram giveaways are very popular, and users are familiar with then, so they generate significant engagement.

How we track & validate campaign entries

Our app then automatically creates the campaign entry page where users can enter their email address

As people enter, we track and validate all entries (e.g., did they tag 2 friends? Is their email valid?). When they enter their email address, we associate that with their Instagram account and send a double opt-in email confirmation to ensure it is valid.

If your campaign is location-restricted (e.g., to your local area because you’re a retail store) we also include location data, so you can ensure the winner is local.

In the dashboard we also show a funnel of engagement > entries > conversions (email opt-ins). On average we see a conversion rate of ~40% for entries to email opt-ins, which is incredibly high.

At the end of the campaign, a random winner is selected from qualified entries. You can download a CSV list of all email opt-ins to import into your CRM or email marketing app.

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