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Examples of good images & graphics for Instagram giveaways
Examples of good images & graphics for Instagram giveaways

Need some inspiration for your Instagram giveaway Image? Here are some examples.

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The image you use for your Instagram giveaway post is one of the most important parts of the giveaway because it's how you catch the attention of users scrolling their feed. Let's walk through some examples.

Overlay 'Giveaway' in text over the image

One of the best examples we've seen is from Black Rifle Coffee. They include 'GIVEAWAY' in big, clear letters and also mention the occasion.

Showing off the giveaway prize instead of 'Giveaway' text overlay

Though we HIGHLY recommend including the text 'GIVEAWAY' on your image, it's not always necessary. For example, if you can show off the giveaway prize in an eye-catching way that makes it obvious that it's a giveaway like Molly Mae did below, then that can also work well.

Pick whatever method works best for you. Though, we recommend trying it both ways and seeing which performs better with your audience.

More Instagram giveaway image examples for Inspiration

Below we share a number of other examples of good Instagram giveaway images for inspiration.

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