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Tips for your Instagram giveaway if you have a small audience
Tips for your Instagram giveaway if you have a small audience

Small Instagram following? No problem, here are some tips.

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The results of your Instagram giveaway are a function of the size of your audience. This is because Instagram giveaways leverage reach and viral tactics to increase engagement and follower gains.

But what if you have a small Instagram following? Instagram giveaways can still work well, but you should scale back your investment to ensure your ROI makes sense for your business. Here are some tips.

If you have a small following, start with a small prize

If your Instagram following is small, start with a modest prize. For example, if you have a low-cost (~$25) product, use that as a giveaway prize. This has the added benefit of attracting your target customers AND keeping your costs low. Then based on the results, you can decide to increase the prize amount or keep it the same.

Partner with someone who has a larger following to grow your reach

Your small following doesn't have to limit you. You can expand your potential reach by partnering with another account that has a larger following, like another business or an influencer. When you partner (also called a collab) you also get exposure to your partner's audience, which grows your reach.

Having a small Instagram following doesn't have to limit you. Make the most of what you have, and your following will grow over time.

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