What are tags?

Tags are when an Instagram user mentions a friend in the comments of your Instagram post. For example, I may want to tag my friend Jane by including @jane in the post comments because I think she would be interested in the post.

When I tag Jane, she will get a notification that I tagged and come check out your post.

What is the benefit of tags?

Tags are great because they increase the vitality of your post by making more people aware of it. Then those people who are tagged may in turn tag more people.

Because of the inherently viral benefit of tagging, they are one of the best rules to use for your Instagram giveaway campaigns.

How we count tags

POPSMASH is built for flexibility on however users want to use tags. For example, users may put all tags in one comment or put them in multiple comments. Both methods are supported, and all their tags will be combined when counted.

Spam & fraud prevention

To prevent span and fraud, we exclude tags from account that appear to be spam accounts. Multiple tags of the same user are only counted as one. For example, if I tag @jane five times it will only count as one.

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