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How the entry bonus for subscribing via email works

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How email subscriber bonus entries work

The goal of your campaign is to grow email subscribers in order to nurture a deeper relationship with your audience and drive more sales.

To incentivize users to join your email list, we give them an entry bonus ( a number of bonus entries), which means they are more likely to win if they subscribe to your email list.

While setting up your campaign you can define the number of bonus entries to award when a user confirms their email address and subscribers to your email list.

We recommend 10 bonus entries as the default, but you can change this if you like.

When & how are email subscriber bonus entries awarded?

Email subscriber bonus entries are automatically added when a user confirms their email address. This means that only users who provide valid, working email addresses will get bonus entries. Once awarded, these bonus entries will automatically get counted when entries are totaled, and a random winner is selected.

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