Contacting the winner

Once you've picked a random winner, reach out to the winner via email (or Instagram if you don't have their email address) to tell them that they've won. Once they are informed, you may want to announce the winner publicly.

Giveaway announcement tips

If you'd like to share the winner publicly (which we recommend!) you may also want to confirm they are comfortable with this. You can even ask if they're willing to share a picture of themselves with the prize when they receive for you to post on social media.

When it's time to end your giveaway, we recommend two key things:

  • Update your post with something like "Giveaway closed, winner to be announced."

  • You can also update the giveaway post with the winner when announced or share it in a new post or story (more on this later).

This is the easiest part of the giveaway, but take advantage of it to create engaging content for your followers.

How to announce the winner of an Instagram giveaway

At the end of your giveaway, announcing the winner is another opportunity to maximize reach and engage your followers, so have fun with it! With all of the giveaway scams, announcing the winning follower publicly also shows your followers that someone actually won the giveaway and that you're legit. It earns trust.

There's no "right way" to announce your giveaway winner, so here are some examples of what you could include in your announcement:

  • Who: The winner(s) Instagram usernames

  • What: What they won

  • How: How the winners were chosen

  • When: When/how you will reach out, or how they can claim their prize

  • Tease: When your next giveaway will be (if one is planned)

Next, here are the two primary ways to announce the winners of your Instagram giveaway:

Primary Instagram giveaway winner announcement options

  • Create a new Instagram post listing the giveaway winner(s)

  • Share the winners in a story and tag the giveaway winner(s). This is a better option if you don't want an extra post in your feed just for the announcement.

In addition to the primary ways to announce your giveaway winner(s), it's also good to do a couple extra things to maximize your reach and engagement:

Secondary Instagram giveaway winner announcement options

  • Mention the winners in a comment on the original giveaway post. This is usually good to do also, but not alone since it's less visible.

  • DM the winners. This is good to do in addition to your other announcement actions, but not alone since it's not publicly visible.

  • Update the original giveaway post with your giveaway winner(s).

  • Go on Instagram Live 1 hour before the end of the giveaway showing the original giveaway post or get creative, for example, a countdown timer with giveaway instructions on a whiteboard. Pin a comment that this is the last chance to enter the giveaway, get bonus entries, etc.

  • Share the winner(s) on your profiles on other social media networks.

  • Share the Instagram giveaway results with your email subscriber list and on your website (e.g., in a blog post).

Now that you know how to announce a giveaway winner on Instagram, feel free to modify it to match your style. Going the extra mile to share your giveaway results will attract new followers in your niche who don't want to miss out on your next giveaway.

How to maximize the long-term results of your Instagram giveaway

You ran your giveaway to grow your account by attracting new followers, so follow up your giveaway with high-quality content to keep them engaged. Depending on your content process, it's often better to create this content in advance, so it's ready to go!

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