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Ending your campaign
How to end your campaign & pick a random winner
How to end your campaign & pick a random winner

Guidance on how to end your giveaway and pick winners fairly.

Updated over a week ago

All good things must come to an end, and so must your giveaway. If you're curious about the whole end-of-campaign process, see this article.

How to pick a random winner

We will automatically count all qualifying entries and select a random winner for your approval when your campaign ends.

We highly recommend reaching out to the winner to confirm they are qualified. For example, if the prize must be claimed in-person or can only be shipped to certain locations, confirm this with the winner. If they do not qualify, you can pick a new winner within 7-days.

For more details on how we pick winners randomly and fairly, see this article.

If you'd like to share the winner publicly (which we recommend!), you may also want to confirm they are comfortable with this. You can even ask if they're willing to share a picture of themselves with the prize when they receive it for you to post on social media.

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