All stats vs. campaign stats

We show your social lead performance data in two views:

  • All Stats: A consolidated roll-up of your stats across all your campaigns combined.

  • Campaign Stats: A per-campaign breakdown of performance for each campaign.

What each stat means

Here's a breakdown of what each stat means and how we measure it:

  • Engagement: Engagement comes directly from Instagram (via the Instagram API). Instagram measures engagement by adding the total number of likes and comments.

  • Entries: The number of users who entered your giveaway by meeting the entry criteria you set for the campaign.

  • Visitors: The number of unique visitors to your social lead gen page.

  • Subscribers: The number of users who entered their email address AND validated their email address. Unverified email addresses are not included in the total and do not count for bonus entries.

  • Conversion Rate: The number of users who entered their email address (Subscribers) divided by the people who entered (Entries) your giveaway (Subscribers / Entries = Conversion Rate),

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