Our plans are measured by leads per month.

What counts as a lead?

A lead is any new email or SMS subscriber that opts-in to your list. A lead is only counted if the user 1) validates their email address or phone number and 2) that email address or phone number is new to your list. So, you will never be charged for invalid email address or phone numbers that are not confirmed, or for existing subscribers opting in again.

When does usage reset?

Usage rests every month on the first day of the month.

Will unused leads roll over to the next month?

No, unused leads/usage does not roll over. Each month resets to your plan limit.

What happens if I go over my limit?

If you go over your monthly limit, all new leads that are received after you hit the limit will be hidden. These hidden leads will remain hidden until you upgrade your plan to unlock them. Once a new month begins and your usage limit is reset, you will continue to receive new leads as long as you're under the limit.

What if I need more leads than your highest plan allows?

If you need more leads, just contact us and we can scale as high as you need with a custom plan or our Enterprise offering.

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