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Ending your campaign
Congrats, your campaign is complete. Now what?
Congrats, your campaign is complete. Now what?

What to do when your campaign ends

Updated over a week ago

When your campaign ends, there are three things to do:

  1. Approve a winner

  2. Announce the winner

  3. Review your campaign stats

But first, remember that you are in control! You will review and approve the winner(s), then communicate directly with the winner(s) to maintain your brand. We do not share any winner information publicly or contact winners so that you can maintain full control over your brand communications.

Next, let's go over each step of the post-campaign process.

1. Approve a winner

First, go to your campaign and approve the winner. If you don't, a randomly selected winner will be approved for you after 24 hours. You can redraw (pick a new winner) or select additional winners within 7 days if needed.

2. Inform & announce the winner

Before sharing publicly, we recommend telling the lucky winner the good news they won via Instagram DM and coordinating any details to give them their prize.

Next, we recommend announcing the winner in a new post or story to generate even more engagement. You can find more tips on announcing the winner in our Instagram giveaway guide here.

3. Review your campaign stats

Now onto the fun stuff -- go to your campaign page to look at the earned media results you achieved during your campaign.

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That's it! As always, if you need help or have questions, just ask!

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