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Why is my giveaway getting low engagement?
Why is my giveaway getting low engagement?

Understand why your Instagram giveaway is getting minimal or no engagement or entries.

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Some Instagram giveaway posts seem to get abnormally low engagement and few, if any, entries, even with large Instagram followings.

Why this happens

This most frequently happens when an account has a low-quality Instagram following (often caused by artificial growth tactics like buying followers), which is evidenced by most posts from the account getting minimal engagement.

Why does this matter? Well, even though Instagram giveaway posts get 4X more engagement and 60X more comments than non-giveaway posts, 4X or 60X zero is still zero. An Instagram giveaway can't help a low-quality following that doesn't engage -- there needs to be at least some level of organic engagement.

How do you end up with a low-quality Instagram following?

Low-quality Instagram followings are usually caused by artificially grown Instagram accounts, e.g. purchasing followers, using services to grow your Instagram following, etc.

What can you do to increase engagement if you have a low-quality Instagram following?

One thing that we've seen work for other merchants is to boost the Instagram giveaway post to a well-targeted group of users to reach real users that will engage with the post, and likely start following you.

Another option is to collab with an influencer who has an engaged audience to reach their followers. This will work as long as you create the post with your account, then invite them as a collaborator before publishing the post. Once they accept, it will appear on their feed to their followers.

For more tips to improve your campaign's engagement and get more Instagram giveaway entries see this post.

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