Note: This is only required if you want to use the advanced Klaviyo integration features, like syncing new subscribers to a specific Klaviyo list, having Klaviyo manage all comms (e.g., double opt-in emails), and using custom list opt-in settings (e.g., the existing settings for the Klaviyo list you select).

If you do not use this advanced Klaviyo integration, your new subscribers will still sync between Shopify and Klaviyo as long as you 1) have the Klaviyo Shopify app installed and 2) have the Klaviyo Shopify sync turned on.

How to create a Klaviyo API key

To sync your new subscribers to a Klaviyo list, POPSMASH needs certain permissions to be able to access your lists, add subscribers and add profile data.

Create a Klaviyo API key for POPSMASH and add it when setting up your next campaign to enable this advanced Klaviyo integration.

To create a Klaviyo API key:

  1. Navigate to Account > Settings

  2. Click API Key

  3. Click Create Private API Key

  4. Name the API key 'POPSMASH' or something similar, so you know what it's for.

  5. Set the scope required for the POPSMASH API key. POPSMASH needs Full Access to List, Profiles, and Subscriptions scopes. All other scopes should be set to No Access. See the screenshot below for a visual example.

  6. Click Create

You can find more detailed information on creating Klaviyo API keys in their help article here.

Below are the scope settings that POPSMASH needs:

Klaviyo API key scope settings for POPSMASH.

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