How are entries tracked?

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When you run an Instagram giveaway, it's important to ensure entries are tracked properly. So, let's talk about how POPSMASH tracks your campaign entries.

How POPSMASH tracks Instagram giveaway entries

POPSMASH is an officially approved Instagram app, so when you connect your account and start a campaign, we get comments and other data directly from Instagram via their API. This ensures the data is accurate since Instagram provides it.

So, for example, if your giveaway entry rules included 'tag 2 friends' we would check the comments for that user and verify that they actually tagged 2 friends to qualify as an entry. We also check for fraudulent entries to ensure people are tagging the same people multiple times.

What about tracking email opt-ins & validating email addresses?

When Instagram users opt-in to your email list we use double opt-in email validation, so they must confirm their email address and join your email list to qualify for bonus entries.

This process ensures that only verified and validated email subscribers are added to your email list to keep your list quality high.

How do I see tracked entries & email opt-ins?

We track these entries and subscribers in real-time so you can see progress in your dashboard. Here's an example:

POPSMASH Instagram giveaway stats

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