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How to start a new campaign & how it works
How to start a new campaign & how it works
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How to start

Here's how to start your Instagram giveaway campaign:

  1. Open the POPSMSAH Shopify app and start a new campaign. You must do this before the giveaway post goes live on Instagram.

  2. Enter giveaway details like end date, entry rules, prize, etc. (this only takes a few minutes). We'll automatically create an example caption based on your rules that you can customize and use in your post.

  3. Then we'll check to make sure your giveaway link is detected in your bio.

  4. Once that's all set, we'll watch for the next giveaway post for up to 3 hours, and the next post will automatically start your campaign. So only start a new campaign when you're within 3 hours of posting your giveaway to Instagram.

We'll track all entries and conversions (email opt-ins) and show you the stats in your dashboard.

How Instagram users enter

People will enter by commenting on your Instagram giveaway post and tagging friends (we track and validate all tags).

Then they join your email list by clicking on the link in your bio, which goes to the giveaway entry page we create for you.

Let us know if you need any help or have any questions!

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