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NEW Quiz Features: Get early access!
NEW Quiz Features: Get early access!
Updated this week

Yep, it's true! We're adding quiz capabilities to POPSMASH for your Shopify store.

You'll be able to add smart, AI-generated quizzes to your store or in your social giveaway campaigns to collect emails in a more engaging way and get extra data on your customers' buying preferences.

With this quiz data, you can personalize your marketing efforts and recommend products, which is proven to increase conversions, grow average order value, and reduce returns/exchanges.

The best part? You can create a new quiz to recommend your products in under 5 minutes, which is way faster than the hours it takes with current solutions.

If you're not already a POPSMASH customer, you can request early access below. Existing POPSMASH customers will automatically get these features as we roll them out!

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