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How email & SMS (phone) validation works
How email & SMS (phone) validation works

Understand how we validate new email addresses and phone numbers to keep your markleting list quality high.

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We prioritize keeping your list quality high by validating new email addresses and SMS (phone) numbers that opt-in to your list through quizzes and other means.

Our validation at the point of entry is in addition to any measure you have in place with your email and SMS marketing providers.

There are two levels of validation based on which plan you have: Basic and Advanced validation.

Basic email & SMS validation

Basic validation for new email addresses and SMS numbers is included in all plans and attempts to automatically catch and correct basic mistakes and formatting issues that would otherwise reduce your list quality with invalid contacts.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things we automatically correct with basic validation on all plans:

  • Autocorrect common mistakes with email addresses, such as ->

  • Automatically enforce email address format for validation: aaaaa@bbbb.ccc

  • Automatically enforce phone number format for validation: +15556667777

These measures automatically detect and correct the most common issues to keep the quality of your list high.

Advanced email & SMS validation

Our higher plans include further validation to prevent disposable email addresses and phone numbers.

We do this because you want to establish relationships with potential customers, not muddy your list with fake email addresses and numbers from bots, scammers, and other low-quality contacts. Here's how it works:

  1. Advanced email validation: Automatically block disposable email addresses:

  2. Advanced phone number validation: Automatically block phone numbers that aren't mobile (e.g., toll-free, VOIP) and can't receive SMS marketing messages.

Phone number (SMS) validation is the most complex, so here's an example of the validation happening in the background for a phone number to ensure that it is possible, valid, works for the region, and capable of receiving SMS messages:

How phone/SMS validation works on POPSMASH.

Advanced email validation is included in our Growth plan and higher, while advanced SMS validation is included in our Business plan and higher.

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