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How to create good quiz titles
How to create good quiz titles
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At their core, quizzes are engaging content you want customers to interact with. So, consider the title the 'hook' that captures a customer's attention.

Your quiz title also helps tell our AI how to shape the quiz. So, if your quiz title is engaging and descriptive, you will get better quiz questions and answers.

So, choose a descriptive title that tells customers why they should take this quiz. Here are some examples:

  • What's your perfect beach style? Find the ideal swimsuit for your body type!

  • New year, new you: Which supplement will help you achieve your New Year's resolutions?

  • Find your shade: Pick your perfect forever foundation

  • Love is in the air: Discover your Valentine's Day makeup match!

  • Easy Christmas gift finder for hard-to-shop for Mr. Right

  • Use the make-her-say-yes perfect ring finder

  • New job? Find your signature style to climb the ladder!

  • Make that workout habit stick by finding your ideal workout outfit

  • Glow getter: Uncover your personalized skincare routine!

  • Want to live greener? Find which sustainable products align with your lifestyle?

  • Palate pleaser: Discover your dream gourmet food box!"

  • Find your perfect aesthetic for a cozy space!

  • Pawsome match: Find the perfect products for your furry friend!"

  • Ready for a smarter home? Find out which smart gadgets are best for your home

  • Jet set travel wizard: Find the perfect essentials for your trip

  • Not sure what gear to put in your home gym? Find the perfect set for perfect reps

  • Use the make-her-say-yes perfect ring finder

If your quiz relates to a particular holiday, use that in the title. If you're having writer's block, you can use a free tool like ChatGPT for inspiration.

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