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What is the accuracy certification badge?
What is the accuracy certification badge?
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One aspect of POPSMASH we're most proud of is the highly accurate, unbiased process that gives your customers the best recommendations. You get to show this off with the accuracy certification badge at the bottom of quizzes.

Turning the badge off or on

Premium (paid) accounts can turn the badge off or on in Quiz Settings. The badge is required for free accounts, along with other limitations.

More about the certification standard

We created the first and only product recommendation standard to guide our product development. We call it POP Certified, which stands for 'Personalization of Products' Certified. It is a living standard developed based on billions of data points to help consumers find and purchase the right products online with high confidence.

POP Certification gives consumers:

  • High confidence in buying the right product

  • Highly accurate and personalized product recommendations

  • High efficiency in the recommendation process to save time

  • High confidence that recommendations are unbiased and unmanipulated

  • High satisfaction to reduce the likelihood of return or exchange for products recommended

As a result, in addition to delivering higher consumer satisfaction, merchants like you also benefit from higher conversion rates, average order values, and low returns and exchange rates.

We aim to continue to develop and improve the standard as a guide for the industry to improve the quality of personalization and recommendations in marketing efforts to benefit consumers and merchants alike.

You can read the full standards document below.

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