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How quiz creation works
How quiz creation works
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The old way 😭

With most quiz apps, you turn your knowledge into quiz questions, answers, and recommendations by doing everything manually. However, this is incredibly time-consuming, unoptimized and leads to missed opportunities to test different quiz variations.

The new (better) way ✨

Thanks to our work with AI over the last few years, we've developed proprietary commerce models that automatically use your valuable knowledge about your products and use it to generate quiz questions, answers, and recommendations.

Our unique approach has several advantages

  • Faster to save you time: We do it in just a few minutes instead of taking days or weeks to create a product recommendation quiz manually. Users of other quiz apps usually only have 1 or 2 quizzes because they take so long to make. Our customers often have dozens, which drive more engagement and sales (e.g., different quizzes for each collection, holiday, sale, event, etc.).

  • More accurate for better recommendations: The manual work to write questions, answers, and map recommendations is error-prone. Our approach can take thousands of passes to optimize and check for errors.

  • Higher conversions & sell more: Have you noticed that quizzes made with other quiz apps are 5, 10, or more questions? Every extra step means more drop-offs and fewer conversions. We optimize for the best recommendations in the fewest questions to help you sell more!

  • Better data = better recommendations: We use billions of data points to generate optimized questions and recommendations, many more than any human alone could use.

  • Multiple, optimized versions: Behind the scenes, we create multiple versions of a quiz that we test before showing you the final version. In the future, we'll roll out automated A/B testing to give you even more optimized quizzes based on what helps you sell more.

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