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Tips to make your first social lead gen campaign successful
Tips to make your first social lead gen campaign successful

How to make the most of your first POPSMASH campaign

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We leverage use giveaways to incentivize Instagram users to join your email list, which you can convert to sales.

We'll does most of the heavy lifting for you, but there are some extra things you can do to increase your campaign's engagement and conversion rates.

Use a prize specific to the audience you're targeting

Giveaway prizes specific to your target customer are the best for getting qualified, high quality subscribers and leads in your target market.

For example, if your business is about fitness then your giveaway prize should be relevant to people interested in fitness instead of something generic like an iPad or an Amazon gift card. This will ensure you attract the right audience for your brand, which drives higher ROI.

Start with a relatively inexpensive prize

It may take a few campaigns to understand your ROI, so we recommend using a relatively inexpensive prize. For example, use one of your more popular product/services people would love to win that's relatively inexpensive from a cost standpoint.

Based on the results from your first giveaway you can scale up your prize value to see how it impacts your number of entries and subsequent ROI. You can also experiment with boosting the post to find the right balance.

Tell your audience how to enter

Tell your followers how to enter in your giveaway post caption so they know what counts as a valid entry and when the giveaway ends. Before starting your campaign, we'll automatically generate an example caption with the rules that you can modify as you like.

Have a small Instagram following?

If you have a small Instagram audience you can still maximize the results you get from your POPSMASH campaign. See tips on how to make the most of a small audience in this article.

These tips will help you get the most out of your POPSMASH campaign. Want more tips on running great Instagram giveaways? Well, you're in luck. We wrote an epic 12,000-word guide on running Instagram giveaways here!

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