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Welcome to the new POPSMASH experience!
Welcome to the new POPSMASH experience!
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I'm so happy to share that we've finished updating the POPSMASH Shopify app! You might see your old Instagram giveaways at first, but those will get replaced by your new quizzes and giveaways.

TL;DR: What changed

Note: If you'd rather watch a video overview instead of reading, watch this.

Previously POPSMASH only did Instagram giveaways. But two things changed:

  1. Instagram (Meta) changed their API, which broke the app and required a rebuild

  2. You told us that what you care most about is driving sales!

So now, you can still run Instagram giveaways, but we've rebuilt the app around AI-powered product recommendation quizzes to help you drive more sales.

How it works: Our AI generates quizzes based on the products you select that can be used as product recommendation quizzes or with giveaways. They can go on your store, on socials, or anywhere else to drive conversions and capture product preferences while exposing customers directly to more of your products.

These improvements enable you to:

  • Still run social giveaways, but now also on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and X (Twitter) in addition to Instagram

  • Still collect email addresses with every giveaway and quiz

  • Instead of tracking social engagement, we've refocused on tracking conversions and opt-ins attributed to giveaways and quizzes

To help you be successful with the new app, I recorded a 10-minute walkthrough here:

Product recommendation quizzes give customers personalized recommendations in a fun, engaging way that drives conversions, grows order value, and collects marketing personalization data.

Engage customers & drive sales πŸ“ˆ

For example, customers who take the quiz deliver these results on average for apparel brands:

  • Email opt-in rate: 21%

  • Conversion rate: 8%

  • AOV increase: 19%

  • Revenue increase: 11%

See stats for your industry here.

How it works ✨

  • Name your quiz & pick products your customers may have difficulty choosing between (colors, styles, scents, fits, supplements, hair types, skin types, etc.)

  • We'll use our new AI models to generate a quick product recommendation quiz

  • You can share the quiz on social media, your website, create one for every collection, etc.

  • Capture buying preferences and contact info from the quiz that syncs to your email marketing tools for personalized marketing

  • Get performance data for every quiz, along with events sent to Google Analytics and Meta Pixel

Create a quiz in under 5 minutes! πŸš€

If you've used Shopify quiz apps before, you know they perform well but take hours or days to create (manually writing questions, answers, and mapping conditional recommendations).

But now, they only take a few minutes because our new AI model does all the work for you!

More features coming soon! ⚑️

We're hard at work on the next batch of new features to continue improving the AI quiz builder.

Have questions or need help? Just ask! πŸ’¬

If you have any questions or even want a 1:1 walkthrough to ask questions, just reply to this email, and I'll be happy to help!

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