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Instagram collabs support
Instagram collabs support

Learn how to use Instagram collabs to get more subscribers

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Partnering with other Instagram accounts to do collabs (paid or not) and joint giveaways is a great way to reach more people.

Instagram has built-in Collabs support, which lets the accounts share a post that appears in their feeds to reach more people.

How to use Instagram collabs with POPSMASH

Yes, POPSMASH supports Instagram collabs as long the account that is connected to POPSMASH creates the post so we can track campaign performance.

If you also want Instagram users to follow the collab accounts, then add the account(s) to the 'Follow' rule in your giveaway post caption. We provide a sample caption, but you can edit it however you like before posting.

We also highly recommend that the other accounts you collaborate with set the giveaway entry page link as their biolink (or on their link in bio page) for the duration of the giveaway. See more details in this article.

To summarize:

  • Ensure the account that creates the post is the one connected to POPSMASH

  • Add the collab accounts to the 'Follow' rule in your post caption before posting

  • We highly recommend the collab accounts also set the giveaway entry link as their link in bio

Once set up, POPSMASH will track the combined performance of all the collab post across all accounts. You'll also get more email subscribers, especially if your collaborators also have the entry page as their biolink.

How to use the Instagram collabs feature

If you've never used the Instagram Collabs feature, it's easy to use. You just invite your collaborators during the Instagram post setup flow. See the screenshots below from Later's Instagram collab guide.

How to do an Instagram collab
How to do an Instagram collab

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