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Omnisend integration setup guide
Omnisend integration setup guide
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POPSMASH can automatically add and update new contacts in Omnisend for your Shopify store.

POPSMASH automatically saves new subscribers to Omnisend & Shopify

When using a quiz to collect email subscribers, POPSMASH will always save new subscribers to Omnisend and to Shopify Customer profiles (creating or updating existing profiles as needed).

These newly created/updated Customer profiles will also have the 'accepts marketing' flag on so they will receive your email marketing communications.

How to set up the integration with Omnisend & Shopify

We've automated most of the Omnisend integration process, so after installing POPSMASH, you just need to make sure the Omnisend app is installed on your Shopify store and enable syncing. That's it!

Once those two steps are completed, Omnisend will automatically receive new or updated subscribers from your POPSMASH quizzes.

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